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Modern Farming South West is a progressive, original monthly publication, seamlessly combining the age old traditional ways with the newest and latest technologies in the agricultural industry. Covering the whole of the South West, it sits at the heart of the farming family.

The 15,000 print run magazine boasts a passionate, hand-picked team with over 60 years’ experience in agricultural publishing. This translates into engaging features for its readers, and a platform to reach this audience with a bespoke content marketing approach, proven to produce results for businesses. 

From launch, Modern Farming has teamed up with Countrywide Farmers, a company which understands just how perfectly the magazine fits the whole farming community and which wanted to sponsor the project from the start.

How do I get involved?

To find out how you too can get involved, and utilise this targeted distribution network covering the whole of the South West call the team on 01326 369420.

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